The goal of this project was to develop an extra-curricular programme aimed at preserving the language and culture of the Boyash Roma in elementary schools, allowing Boyash Roma pupils to nurture a positive identity whilst continuing to improve - and learn about - their Boyash Romanian language, getting to know important historical events, individuals and developments from Roma history. The activities included

  • the development of the curricula for the implementation of extra-curricular programmes for the preservation of Boyash Roma culture and language in elementary schools
  • the production of childrens’ handbooks “DAJ PET! – DĂ-M ŚINŚ!” [“GIMME FIVE! – DĂ-M ŚINŚ!”]
  • training courses intended for facilitators in teaching Boyash Romanian language programme for children, offered as an extra-curricular activity.

The extra-curricular activities can be conducted with children from 11 to 13 years of age. One of the requirements for the programme to take place is that either the facilitator knows the Boyash Romanian language, or that a Roma assistant who speaks Boyash Romanian language actively participates in its implementation.


The programme “Gimme five! (Dă-m sins!)” is conducted at the elementary school “Držimurec Strelec”, and carried out by Roma facilitators with the help of professional associates and teachers.