Following the end of 2020, the program 'Phase III: Testing the Child Guarantee’was launched, funded by the European Union, in which the Open academy 'Step by Step' participates as one of the implementation partners of the UNICEF Office for Croatia.

The goal of the program is to ensure access to multidisciplinary, adequately funded services in communities in the area of Međimurje County, the region with the highest rate of beneficiaries of the guaranteed minimum monetary compensation as well as poor access to child protection and family support services. The programme is focused on three components: access to child protection and family support services, access to preschool education, and access to early childhood intervention services.

So far, the education 'Living Diversity' has been conducted for key stakeholders of various profiles in local communities (stakeholders in county and municipal authorities, social welfare, education, health, civil society organizations) and 'Cross-sectoral cooperation' training with the aim of strengthening cross-sectoral links in order for the project to be as sustainable as possible.

Planned activities which will be implemented by Open Academy 'Step by Step' include:

  • conducting a series of trainings for educators in preschool institutions with the aim of strengthening their competencies for creating inclusive environments;

  • official opening of the Games Centers and toy libraries in the area of two municipalities of Međimurje County (Orehovica and Mala Subotica) in the fall (October) 2021;

  • conducting training for facilitators of workshops for parents and conducting workshops 'Incentive Parenting' by trained facilitators with the aim of supporting parents in creating stimulating home environments